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Managing the Sale
Graham Lester
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Managing the Sale

During the sales campaign of your property, the agent will more than likely have to make some recommendations. Whether these recommendations relate to the marketing, the price or whether to accept or reject an offer, their significance cannot be understated.


On average most people sell real estate every 7 or 8 years. Being so relatively inexperienced in such an important transaction can be daunting. If you are aware of the key indicators that govern every transaction, it will assist you in determining the merit of your agent's recommendation.


Agents are not always in the luxurious position of being able to tell their clients what they want to hear. However, by schooling yourself on the key "on market" indicators, you can objectively assess any recommendations as opposed to emotionally reacting.


If you can remain calm and objective during the campaign, it will be of great assistance to you and your agent in delivering the best possible result. There are four indicators that interlock with most campaigns:

  • Internet Hits/Traffic

  • Enquiries

  • Inspections

  • Offers


Every vendor wants to be at the point where offers are coming in, as quickly as possible in the campaign. But offers are less likely to be made by buyers if the preceding indicators are not aligning.


Internet Hits/Traffic

In the days of newspapers, home owners would spend excessive amounts of money and have little to no idea of the impact of the expenditure. Now, with websites being the dominant marketing tool, web traffic on each property on every day can be tracked in finite detail. Trends emerge to assist the agent and the seller as to the progress of the sale.


Ensuring that your property is well presented and priced accurately will ensure web traffic is strong from the start. Ensuring that your property is photographed well and priced to appeal to fair minded buyers is far more important than an expensive web ad on "page 1."


Effective use of database mining, the Internet and email alerts will see website traffic on your home peak in the first 14 to 21 days of the campaign.

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Graham Lester

Graham Lester

Graham is known for his passion and his drive to succeed in all aspects of his professional life. A man with a big vision.

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Full biography

Graham is known for his passion and his drive to succeed in all aspects of his professional life. A man with a big vision, Graham has immense pride in the company he directs; and is particularly proud of having been awarded the BDH Cup in 2010, and becoming one of the top 10% of performers in Australasia while maintaining a 79% repeat and referral client ratio.




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