Selling Tips

When you have lived in a property for a while, it can be a struggle to see it with fresh eyes. But viewing a property as a buyer would is extremely helpful when it comes time to take it to market.


Start from the street. If your home is to sell so for top dollar, it needs street appeal. Check the numbers on the letterbox are obvious and the driveway and garden are tidy. Clean the outside of the house so it is free of cobwebs and grime.


Once a buyer is in the gate, it’s your garden’s turn to impress. Give flowerbeds a spruce up and mow the lawns regularly while your property is on the market. If you’ve got outdoor space, show buyers how it could be used. Put a couple of chairs in a shady spot or set up a lounger on a deck. Touch up any peeling paint and add colour to the garden if you can.


Inside, focus on clean lines and lack of clutter. As well as the carpets, clean windows thoroughly so as much natural light as possible streams in. Buyers will be enticed by open, sunny rooms that feel spacious.


Clear out cupboards and move clutter off surfaces. If your bathroom and kitchen are looking a bit tired, update them cheaply with brightly-coloured accessories. Spray some air freshener, and arrange some fresh flowers around the house.


If you’ve done any major building work or have installed something such as a pool, have the council certification handy for buyers to check.


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