The Maggie Dixon Difference

All Real Estate Companies are not the same!

At Maggie Dixon Real Estate you are the focus of our attention and we are constantly looking for different ways to do things that will result in a better result for you, our client.


As a result of some of our research, you will now be offered a Service Guarantee as part of the Agency Agreement, which will cover the items mentioned below and more for your benefit.


  • ADVERTISING DOESN’T SELL HOUSES! - It is created by real estate companies to promote their business and to attract buyers. Why should you pay for the advertising that promotes the company or salesperson? – we will NOT charge you for our marketing.


  • A WRITTEN GUARANTEE. -All professional service providers provide a quoted price and guarantee that price in writing, why should real estate be any different? Some real estate companies won’t guarantee their selling price range because they inflate the range to “buy” the listing and then use your property to help sell lower priced ones. Maggie Dixon Real Estate will guarantee the price range in writing – AND there is no commission payable if we don’t achieve the quoted price! 


  • YOUR SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT. – We will only bring buyers to your property AFTER we have determined that it will suit them AND they can afford it, we won’t bring total strangers through your home and if we run ‘open homes’ and your insurance company won’t cover any loss or burglary that can be shown to have been caused by having the property ‘open home’, then we accept full responsibility for such loss.



These are just a sample of the real differences between Maggie Dixon Real Estate and all other real estate agencies in Whangarei, for more information please contact our office or fill out the form below and we will deliver our free booklet “How to Get the Highest Price for Your Property” at no charge and without any obligation that could make you thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell.





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