Home Buying Tips

Some buyers stumble across their dream homes without even really knowing what they were looking for. For others, it can be helpful to compile a kind of shopping list, detailing all the factors that matter.


When you find something that ticks all the boxes, investing a little bit of money into things such as building inspections, council LIM reports and valuations can offer extra peace of mind that you really are getting a solid deal.

Some things to consider:

  • What kind of house do you need, now and in the future? How many bedrooms, and do you need space for an office, an art studio or a self-contained unit?

  • What style of home do you like? Are you a villa fanatic or do you prefer modern and minimalist?

  • Have you had your finance approved, so you know for sure what price bracket you should be looking in?

  • Do you need to be near schools, shops or a certain part of town for work?

  • Is there public transport nearby?

  • How likely is the property to retain its value if you need to move on in future?

  • What extra luxuries would give a property the x factor? Would you love a swimming pool, or have a hankering for a tennis court?


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