What You Need To Know


There is a lot of legislation covering residential tenancies, designed to protect the tenant as well as the landlord. Knowing the basics will help you to feel informed about the process.


Tenancy agreement

Landlords and tenants must sign an agreement before a tenancy commences, detailing things such as what rent will be paid, how frequently, whether the contract is for a fixed term and how much notice must be given by either side in order to break the tenancy. This agreement is also where other rules such as limits on pets, smoking or the number of inhabitants are detailed. It is a legally binding document and there are consequences for breaking it, so make sure you are completely sure of what you are signing.


Rent and Bond

Most rental agreements require a tenant to pay several weeks’ rent up front as a bond before moving into a property. In some cases, you can apply to have the bond you paid on one property transferred on to your next one.



There will be an inspection of the property before your tenancy begins, so the property manager and owner know what condition it was in when you moved in. From then on, regular inspections are a legal requirement. You will be given warning of when they will happen.



A property owner’s insurance won’t cover your possessions – and in some cases you may be liable for damage done to the property. It’s important to arrange your own insurance cover.



If there is a problem with your home that the property manager needs to fix, fill out the repair request form to notify your property manager.


Giving Notice

Notice must be given in writing. Your tenancy agreement will dictate how much notice has to be given. If you are unsure, contact your property manager.


Rent Increases

As with most costs, rent can be prone to increase. If your rent is increasing, your property manager will give you notice in writing. If you have any concerns about your rental agreement, contact your Maggie Dixon property manager. They key to a great tenancy is good communication. 


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